Each year I attend about 15 shows - preferably national for our young horses and international for my best horses. To make sure that my presentation in the dressage ring goes as I hope it will, preparation has to be carried out according to a plan. That starts with having the right equipment, includes a comfortable trip for the horses and ends with warming-up that meets the needs of each individual horse. My parents usually go with me. My father watches over my training and preparation for shows and my mother takes care of managing everything else.

  • Everything has to be ready when we drive to a show. Each year we go to about 15 international and national shows.
  • To give the horses a chance to get used to the atmosphere at each show, ...
  • ... we arrive the day before.
  • Sometimes we have to fly to reach championships – as in 2008 for the trip to the Olympic Games in Hong Kong/HKG.
  • We take everything in our stables with us when we go to a show. From hoof pick to stable rug, from horse feed to garden chairs, we pack it all in the van and  – I have to admit, we usually take much too much.
  • But at least we’re prepared for anything that could possibly happen – such as a cloud burst here in Aachen/GER.
  • To compete in a championship for Austria is, of course, a great honor for me.
  • And we always have a lot of fun!
  • Falcao OLD can be awfully frisky at the vet check.
  • How we prepare for the test depends on our starting time and the facilities available for training.
  • I also get a lot of last minute tips from my father.
  • Being properly dressed at shows is a must and even Dagobert gets dressed up.
  • The big moment has finally arrived: with Falcao OLD at the 2006 WEG in Aachen/GER
  • And here with Augustin OLD in 2011 at the Meggle Champions Final in Dortmund/GER
  • I can always concentrate on what I’m supposed to do and am always so happy when everything goes well as you see here in 2007 at the EC in Turin/ITA with Falcao OLD…
  • … or here with Augustin OLD in the Grand Prix tour of Munich/GER
  • … and here with Salieri OLD in the free-style tour of Fritzens/AUT.
  • I am so very thankful to my horses, my family and my team because they give me such wonderful support.